Подготовка к ОГЭ по теме словообразование, методическая разработка

Глоссарий к лексической части (словообразование) экзамена за курс основной школы ОГЭ ( по материалам открытого банка данных ФИПИ)
actualize actuality Actual Actually
Advertise Advertisement Advertising Agree, disagree Agreement, disagreement amaze Amazement amazing amazingly
Appear, disappear Appearance, disappearance Appearing, disappearing Approve, disapprove Approval, disapproval Assist Assistant Assisting Athlete Athletic, non-athletic Attract Attraction Attractive attractively
Bank, banker Beautify Beauty Beautiful Beautifully
Believe Belief Believable, unbelievable Believably, unbelievably
Bike, biker care Care Careful, careless Carefully, carelessly
Charm Charming Child,childhood Childish Colour Colourful, colourless Colourfully, colourlessly
Combine Combination Comfort Comfortable, uncomfortable Comfortably, uncomfortably
Communicate Communication Communicative Communicative
Compete Competition, competitor Competitive Create Creation, creator, creativity Creative creatively
Crowd crowded Culture Cultural Culturally
Dance Dance, dancer Danger Dangerous Dangerously
Decide decision Decisive, indecisive decisively
Design designer Differ Difference, indifference Different, indifferent Differently, indifferently
Direct direction direct directly
Dicuss discussion Drive Driver Ecology Ecological Educate Education Educative Effect Effective effectively
End End Endless endlessly
Energize Energy Energetic energetically
England English Entertain entertainment Entertaining Exactness Exact Exactly
Excite Excitement Exciting Expect expectation Fame Famous. Infamous Fantasy Fantastic Farm, farmer Fashion Fashionable unfashionable Fashionably
Favour Favourite Finish Finish Final Finally
Fit Fitness fluency Fluent Fluently
Forget forgetfulness Forgettable, unforgettable, forgetful Fortune Fortunate, unfortunate Fortunately, unfortunately
Friend Friendly, unfriendly
Fun Funny Govern Government governmental Happiness Happy, unhappy Happily, unhappily
Harm Harmful harmfully
Health Healthy, unhealthy Help Help, helper Helpful, helpless Helpfully, helplessly
Hunt Hunter Hunting Illness Ill Imagine Image, imagination Imaginative imaginatively
Impress Impression Impressive Impressively
Impress Impression Impressive Impressively
Interest interesting Enjoy Joy, enjoyment Enjoyable Enjoyably
Kind Kindness Luck Lucky Luckily
Noise Noisy Noisily
Origin original Peace Peaceful Peacefully
Perform Performer, performance Performing Please Pleasure Pleasant, unpleasant populate Population Popular popularly
Possibility Possible, impossible Possibly, impossibly
practices practice Practical practically
Probability Probable probably
Protect Protection Protective Protectively
Punish Punishment Quick quickly
Rare rarely
Rain Rainy realize Reality, realization Real, unreal Really
Recent recently
regularity Regular, irregular Regularly, irregularly
Report Report, reporter science, scientist Scientific scientifically
Situate Situation Speak Speaker Speaking Stress Stressful Stressfully
succeed Success Successful Successfully
Sun Sunny Support Support supportive Swim Swimmer, swimming Taste Taste Tasty, tasteless, tasteful Tastefully, tastelessly
Teach Teacher Teaching Tradition Traditional Traditionally
Train Trainer, training training Travel Traveler, travelling Use User, usage, use Useful, useless Usefully, uselessly
Usual, unusual Usually, unusually
Wealth Wealthy Win winner Wonder Wonder Wonderful wonderfully
Wood Wooden ПРИЛОЖЕНЕ2
(создано в марте 2014года)
Прочитайте приведённый ниже текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, обозначенных номерами B13–B18 так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными словами. Каждый пропуск соответствует отдельному заданию B13–B18.
Task 1
They talked about the democratic changes in the USA and wanted to support the American people. After a short_________  they agreed on an original idea. DISCUSS
The idea was suggested by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, a sculptor and_________  He said they could make a statue of a woman holding the torch of freedom. DESIGN
It was an ambitious project and it was_________  to complete it quickly. POSSIBLE
It actually took 21 years for this idea to become a reality. The French people raised money to build the statue, and__________ , in 1886 it was ready. FINAL
On July 4, 1886 the United States received their___________  gift - the Statue of Liberty!
Task 2
Have you heard of a Tadeus Bodnar? He is a_____  Hungarian hairdresser. FAME
Not long ago he stopped using the__________  scissors and comb. Now his instruments are axes, irons and vacuum cleaners. TRADITION
Now he is very__________  and happy because with his innovative techniques he can express himself better. SUCCESS
He cuts hair in his shop in Budapest by chopping it with an axe. Then he styles the hair using a vacuum cleaner, or straightens it with an iron. It’s difficult to believe but the extravagant hairdresser is very popular. Many people find him very______________ . CREATE
Every day there’s an____  line of people streaming to his shop. END
They wish to change their_______ and have a thrilling, new experience. APPEAR
Task 3
They are attracted instead to dramatic views of mountains and______  valleys. PEACE
If you like this sort of tourism, Mountain View Camp is for you. You’ll have an______  vacation there. FORGETTABLE
The Camp has a view over the________  Hampson Valley. IMPRESS
In the camp, tourists can rent either tents or bungalows. All the guests have free access to different facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms and playgrounds for children. The camp is a successful____________  of both comfort and a green environment. COMBINE
The tourists can also have lunch in one of the many restaurants and try European or___________  cuisine. NATION
Task 4
Choosing a career is one of the most difficult choices we have to make in our lives. There are lots of interesting and___________  professions, but which of them is the right choice for you? EXCITE
Researchers who work in___________  and sociology asked people across the UK what their dream job would be. EDUCATE
And the results were__________ quite . EXPECTED
According to the survey, people find modest jobs like charity work or gardening the__________ most .   ATTRACT
Often at the top of their list are jobs such as a nurse or_____________ . TEACH
The study also shows that people in the UK are very______  and focus on dream jobs they have a realistic chance of getting.   PRACTICE
Task 5
Thousands of tourists visit Edinburgh every year. The capital of Scotland is__________  for its history and architecture. FAME
It’s one of the___________  centres of the country. CULTURE
The main_________  of the city is Edinburgh Castle. ATTRACT
It was built in the 12th century but it still looks magnificent and very___________ . IMPRESS
There are many historic monuments in Edinburgh. One of them is an unusual monument to Walter Scott, a well-known _____________ WRITE
The city streets are usually full of noisy tourists with cameras but if you want a quiet holiday, you can have it too - the beautiful and____________  countryside is just round the corner. PEACE
Task 6
Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. It has an   airport with ___________ flights from London and European capitals. NATIONAL
Dublin is a___________  and cosmopolitan city. BEAUTY
If you walk along its different central streets, you will find a wide range of ____________shops, bars and restaurants. DIFFER
If you like sightseeing, you can also visit the famous Dublin castle, one of the most____________  buildings in the city. IMPRESS
Dublin is a green city. It is such a pleasure to walk there on a hot_____________  day. SUN
In the evening you can listen to__________  Irish music played in the streets and in the pubs. TRADITION
Task 7
The Turners were not used to snow. The most they ever got in Birmingham was an inch or so each winter, even that happened quite ____________ RARE
The____________  thing was that a tiny bit of snow was enough to cancel school and even to close some businesses. FUN
One night, in March of 1993, something very_________  happened. EXCITE
Very cold air from Canada created the "Storm of the Century".
When the Turner kids woke up on Saturday morning, there were 17 inches of__________  snow as far as the eye could see. WONDER
The Turners were in shock. They had no idea what to do. Though Mr. Turner was an experienced  he chose to leave his car in the garage. DRIVE
He wanted the whole family to stay at home but it was natural for the kids to___________  with him. They put on the warmest clothes they had and ran outside to enjoy the snow. AGREE
Task 8
The city of St Davids is situated on the south-west coast of Wales. If you're looking for an___________  place to go, this is your destination. USUAL It was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II but in reality St Davids looks like an_________  small village. ATTRACT
It is actually the smallest city in Britain with a _________ of just over 1,600. POPULATE
St David’s has a__________  medieval cathedral which dates back to the 12th century. BEAUTY
Today it is a__________  place with narrow streets filled with cafes, hotels and art galleries – but only one pub! CHARM
St David’s is famous for its sandy beaches and clear water. White sands Bay is a regular___________  of the prestigious European Blue Flag award. WIN
Task 9
Yoga is a very popular activity and lots of people_________ practice it nowadays. There is an opinion, however, that to be  in this activity you should start yoga in early childhood. SUCCESS
This is not true! You can start yoga at any time in your life. What you really need is enthusiasm and a good___________  - yogis often call them a guru.    TRAIN
Yoga is not a __________. COMPETE
You can choose any pace that is____________   for you. COMFORT
The aim is not to win but to make your body flexible and strong. It’s definitely__________  to improve your body in a few days. POSSIBLE
It may take lots of time but it’s worth the time and effort.   Yoga is an____________ way to relax your mind.  It is useful not only for your body, but for your mind, too.
Task 10
People travel a lot nowadays. Planes are considered to be the most_________ means of transport but for some people airports can be a nightmare. COMFORT
There are _____ queues when you check in and you waste lots of time if your flight is delayed. END
However, there are some airports where you can_______  enjoy yourself. ACTUAL
For example, you’ll never be bored at Hong Kong’s international airport. There are thousands of people from_______  countries here but the passengers never experience any problems because everything is well organised. DIFFER
There are attendants in red coats, who help you to get from one place to another. It’s very good for people with no sense of ._____________ DIRECT
The attendants are always very polite and _______. HELP
Task 11
At school, writing essays was a real problem for me, and my grades were always low____________   enough, I didn’t like writing and tried to avoid writing lessons at all costs. NATURAL
I thought I didn’t have enough_________  for any kind of writing.   IMAGINE
I only understood what my problem was after school. In a ______ journal I saw an article about children’s writing problems. SCIENCE
The author claimed that anyone could become a good  if they learned some rules.  I read and reread the article several times. Then I tried to use the information in practice. WRITE
I have never become a professional journalists but from time to time I publish some pieces of my____________  writing on my blog. CREATE
My friends find these essays and stories very ._______________ ENJOY
Task 12
I’ve worked in an office for many years. It’s a very__________  job and recently I’ve taken up a new hobby - gardening. STRESS
My grandmother was a very good______ . GARDEN
She never did gardening as a job but for pleasure and ________________. ENTERTAIN
She had the so-called “green fingers” - the flowers and fruit trees she planted grew very _________.  I wish I were as skillful as she was.   QUICK
It’s a pity my family does not share my interest in gardening. My children ________________working outdoors.  They prefer using the computer indoors. LIKE
I don’t argue with them. Arguing and quarrelling makes me feel__________  and unhappy but cannot change the situation. I hope one day they will join me in the garden.  
Task 13
Olivia got a camera for her birthday. Her family was going on a trip to Washington D.C. and Olivia wanted to take pictures of the__________  places she would see. WONDER
The first place where they stopped was a sandy beach. Olivia took pictures of the ocean and the______ seagulls. NOISE
The birds seemed to enjoy being photographed, but it was _________ to go too close to them. Olivia had to take pictures from a distance. POSSIBLE
Next, the family moved on to the centre of Washington D.C. Olivia's heart was beating with ._______________ EXCITE
She got great shots of the White House, the Capitol and some other__________ buildings. FAME
__________, it was time to head home. Olivia thought about how her friends would be surprised to see her pictures.   FINAL
Task 14
Last year, I became a volunteer in a charity shop. It was an__________  job for me - I had never been involved with charities. USUAL
Our shop raised money to provide medical care for anyone suffering from any________ . The job was not easy but I enjoyed it very much. ILL
All my colleagues were very helpful. Their ___________   and support meant a lot to me. FRIEND
Andrew, my boss and___________, was a smart and well-organized person. MANAGE
He kept saying that we had no right to be indifferent or__________  because people’s lives depended on us.   CARE
Working in the charity shop, I have met some very interesting people and have learnt a lot of practical skills. Volunteering has equipped me with experience which I’m sure will be______  for my future.  USE
Task 15
Last year I decided to take an English course in Britain. When I called the language school, the____________  explained to me everything about the school and the courses. MANAGE
They had an_________  range of courses - for all levels and ages. As for the accommodation, there were two options: staying in a student hostel or living with a host family. IMPRESS
Naturally enough, I wanted to choose the___________   community of the hostel. NATIONAL
However, because of my parents’ strong ________ with my choice, I had to stay with the host family. AGREEMENT
And I didn’t regret it! My host family was .  ___________ WONDER
They told me a lot about their country and were very curious about mine. We talked a lot and when I came back home, I could speak English___________ !  FLUENT
Task 16
Axel is a 9-year-old Bulgarian orphan (сирота). He was adopted by a_____ western family. WEALTH
His new father works as a________  in Sweden and he is quite rich. BANK
Axel ____________ wrote e-mails to the director of the orphanage, Jane Smitova. He told her that he was saving his Christmas and birthday money to help his friends. Axel said that he wanted the money to be spent on presents for his former playmates. REGULAR
Later Jane said “I understood that__________  meant a lot to a small boy but I would never have imagined FRIEND
That__________ Alex could be talking about such an  sum of money. POSSIBLE
It’s so touching and we are going to spend it in a very______  way."The boy saved £6,000. CARE
Task 17
Every year the world goes dark for one hour, the Earth Hour. The event is organised by the_______  World Wildlife Fund. NATION
At tourist destinations, in offices and private homes, lights are switched off for one hour at____________  8:00 pm. EXACT
The idea is to show that our planet is in danger and it needs care and ______________. PROTECT
It's__________  to remain indifferent to changes in the climate which go on and on. POSSIBLE
The Earth Hour is not about saving an hour’s electricity. It’s about realising that we live on a___________  planet and need to look after it – not just for an hour a year but every day. WONDER
The Earth Hour is a part of an____________  education whose aim is to make people understand their responsibility to the planet. ECOLOGY
Task 18
The best thing about shopping in London is that there really are hundreds of cool shops selling__________ clothes. FASHION
Only here you can find a wide choice of_________  and unique shops. ORIGIN
Sometimes you can buy_________  things there. FANTASY
You can spend a whole day in a shopping centre, have lunch in one of the European or________  restaurants, ENGLAND
see a new film in the cinema and even enjoy a ._______________ PERFORM
But be___________  – London shops are expensive! Don’t leave all your money in the shopping centre. СARE
... Task 19
There are pills for everything. If you can't sleep you take a pill. If you're depressed or just_________  , you also can take a pill. HAPPY
These days scientists are developing a new pill that you can use for improving your ______________. FIT
It will have the same effect on people’s bodies as doing sports. The____________ experiments on mice have given wonderful results. SCIENCE
The animals got stronger and healthier without any exercise. However, some doctors think that such pills can be__________  for health, especially in certain situations. DANGER
The problem is that there will be people who may use the pill unwisely. For example, young girls who want to lose weight and get slim may take several pills at once. It will be very___________  for their health. HARM
That’s why our government should think a lot before making the___________  that allows the medicine to be produced. DECIDE
Task 20
I love music. Since my_____________, CHILD
I’ve played many________  musical instruments: the piano, the guitar, and even the drums. DIFFER
My music_________  sometimes says that I have a gift for music, and I hope she’s right. TEACH
_____________, I’ve joined our school band and we are going to take part in a modern music concert. RECENT
__________, we couldn't participate in the city music competition as it was our exam time. FORTUNATELY
Task 21
In Andorra people live longer than in any other European country. It seems they have discovered the secret of a long and______  life. HEALTH
People in Andorra stay active and ____ at old age. ENERGY
They attend gyms and public__________  pools for free. SWIM
Exercise is one reason, the others are clean air and a diet based on vegetables and olive oil. People of all ages in Andorra are cheerful and _________. FRIEND
They think that life is________  and they do their best to enjoy it. FANTASY
Andorra is the most_________  country in Europe – they haven’t had a war for 700 years. PEACE
Task 22
What do you think is the most stressful and_______  job in Britain? DANGER
Is it a police officer, a detective or a news _________? Well, statistics say it is a London taxi driver. REPORT
It is a____  hard job as traffic is getting worse. REAL
If we sit in a traffic jam for a few minutes, we start feeling ___________ and irritated. But imagine you had to do that every day as your job! NERVE
And you have to remain __________ and attentive in spite of everything. CARE
London taxi drivers have to have a good memory to be able to take a_____ from A to B without looking at the map or asking for directions. TRAVEL
Task 23
People spend hours talking on their mobile phones. There is an opinion that it may be____  to their health, but it is difficult to know for sure. HARM
Some research shows that mobile phones may cause brain problems. On the other hand, some doctors say mobiles are not_______  at all. DANGER
No matter what doctors say, it’s just______  to live without a mobile phone today. POSSIBLE
It has become a very _______ device and people can’t do without it. USE
It makes our life _________ and saves time. COMFORT
People can get in touch with each other quickly. Mobile phones make _____________ easier. COMMUNICATE
Task 24
Ballroom dancing in the UK is making a comeback. For the past five years the popularity of ballroom dancing has grown thanks to the TV show 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
In the show a professional ballroom_______  has a celebrity for a partner. DANCE
They learn___________  ballroom dances and perform them live on TV. DIFFER
Four judges and the public decide who stays in the_________  and who leaves. COMPETE
The show demonstrates how glamorous ballroom dancing is. The celebrities wear _________dresses and suits COLOUR
and the show looks very___________ . IMPRESS
According to the ratings, the__________  is becoming more and more popular with TV audiences. PERFORM
Task 25
Начало формы
Конец формы
Can people live without friends? Most of us would say "no". Friends make our lives enjoyable and ___________. INTEREST
Friendship is something you can't buy. It is a__________  and valuable gift. WONDER
It is__________  to live without people who care for you and who are always ready to help. POSSIBLE
However, to find a true friend is not easy. Friendship requires honesty, trust and ____________. KIND
Being a friend means not only having fun together but helping each other in a difficult________________ . SITUATE
A true friend not only praises you but tells you when you are not right too.
If you have already found such a person, you're________ . LUCK
Task 26
People are afraid of lots of things. There are many_____  kinds of fears called phobias. DIFFER
They affect at least a quarter of the__________ . POPULATE
The __________ treatment for people with strong phobias is some kind of therapy. In most cases it doesn’t work but doctors still believe that phobias can be cured. TRADITION
 ________they have discovered a drug which can help people to overcome their phobias. RECENT
It doesn’t work for everybody but when it does, it is very __________. EFFECT
People, who take the pill feel much better – most of their fears___________ . APPEAR
Task 27
Reading is one of the most popular pastimes and books are one of the main sources of knowledge.
 Everyone knows this but__________ , there are many young people who don’t like to read. FORTUNATELY
They say it is not cool but I firmly__________  with them. AGREE
Books have the ability to take you to another world, to wake up your_______________ and transport you to places you’ve never been to. IMAGINE
Books can be__________  in size and content. DIFFER
Their stories can be ___________scary, romantic or funny but above all, books are just interesting. EXCITE
I'm absolutely sure that books by a good___________  will always be popular. WRITE
Task 28
Millions of people want to learn English. There are lots of _______ methods and the main problem is how to choose the best one. DIFFER
Some people believe that the most________  way is to study English in Britain or in any other English-speaking country. EFFECT
The advantage of going to Britain seems obvious. Everyone around you speaks English, it’ s practically _________  to avoid communication, POSSIBLE
So you’ll_ ________ learn English . QUICK
On the other hand, one can learn English at home. There are lots of possibilities there too: a good____________ , a language school or an on-line course. TEACH
There are many ways to get a good language__________  now. EDUCATE
Task 29
I arrived in Liverpool in the afternoon. It was a______  day but the weather couldn’t spoil my excellent mood - I was in Liverpool! RAIN
Many people associate this city with the___________  musical band, the Beatles. FAME
It’s true, the Beatles are everywhere, but today it’s also_________  to imagine Liverpool without its other great passion: football! POSSIBLE
The city is home to two teams: Liverpool and Everton.  Everton is older and was more _______ in the past, but since the 1990s it has been Liverpool’s time to shine. SUCCESS
I’ve been Liverpool’s _________ since I was a small boy. The team is based at the Anfield' stadium. SUPPORT
I have watched games there twice.  It was very __________ and it was one of the most important memories of my childhood.   EXCITE
Task 30
Last year I learnt Spanish in Barcelona. Spain is an________  country and I enjoyed my time there very much.   AMAZE
My flat mates were two girls from Germany. They were nice but____________ was a real problem for us because I didn’t speak German and they didn’t speak English, my first language.   COMMUNICATE
Sometimes we felt absolutely__________ because we were not able to understand each other. However, it gave us additional motivation to learn Spanish! HELP
Very soon my teacher told me that I was speaking it_________ . He was happy with my progress. FLUENT
My flat mates’ grades were__________  too! IMPRESS
It proved that practice is very important and if you want to speak a foreign language like a native_________ , you should practise it a lot. SPEAK
Task 31
If someone asks what your nationality is, how do you answer? For British people  identity is a complex issue. NATION
Take me for example. I carry a passport issued by the British . I was born in England, but my Mum is Scottish and my Granny is from Northern Ireland. So what am I? GOVERN
, I am really all of them: English, Irish, Scottish and British. ACTUAL
Each of the “nations” has a lot in common but they also have their own unique culture and  lifestyle. TRADITION
They  it when people call them English. LIKE
And perhaps the most important  of all – each nation has its own football team! DIFFER
Task 32
There is a popular opinion that all children are talented. It’s true - children are curious and have a good _____________. IMAGINE
It helps them make__________  things from very routine objects like stones, leaves, or strips of fabric. AMAZE
Coloured paper, watercolours and pencils stimulate their  minds___________ a lot too! CREATE
However, sometimes parents may_________  of their children’s artistic activities like drawing on the walls and indoor experiments with fireworks. APPROVE
But__________  is not a good solution! Any art activity develops children’s brains and stimulates their ability in science. PUNISH
Be____________  with your children’s natural talents. Never stop them doing an activity but instead create an appropriate and safe environment for it.   CARE
Task 33
.Sam went to the giant aquarium near his house at least three times a week. He liked the fish and crabs, but the most__________  creatures there were sharks.   WONDER
Sam could watch them for hours. He took photos through the glass and collected ______________ about them. INFORM
It surprised him how fast a massive shark could be. Before the aquarium opened, Sam thought it was________  for sharks to be so quick and graceful. POSSIBLE
He knew that sharks were __________ but they seldom attacked people. DANGER
Many people, however, had hunted them and sharks had become endangered.__________ , now there were laws protecting sharks. FORTUNATE
In the future, Sam wanted to be a__________   and study sharks in the wild. SCIENCE
Task 34
Last spring my best friend Isabelle and I booked a holiday in Venice. We rented a small apartment for a week with a____________ view of the town. At the last moment another friend, Linda, asked if she could come with us. WONDER
She was a__________, cheerful girl and we were glad to have her join us. FRIEND
Venice was a__________  place and we enjoyed our trip greatly. FANTASY
Linda was fond of history and she told us lots of________  facts about the town. INTEREST
We also liked the Italian food very much. The waiter in the nearby pizzeria was a boy from Britain, so we never had any problems with___________ . COMMUNICATE
The only____________ thing about Venice was the weather. It was unusually cold and windy that week. PLEASANT
Task 35
The Grand National is a horse race which is held every year in Liverpool.  This __________ involves a four-mile race, during which the horses have to go over 30 fences.   COMPETE
The most__________  horse in the Grand National was called 'Red Rum'. FAME
He was the___________  of the race three times during the 1970s.   WIN
The race is not only a sporting event but a ___________ social event too. FASHION
Men and women wear beautiful clothes, and the tickets to the race are very__________ . EXPENSE
The Grand National is broadcast all over the world and around 500 to 600 million people watch it.  However, though there are lots of horse racing fans, many people think it’s _________ and cruel to make the animals race and jump for people’s entertainment.   FAIR
Task 36
London is famous for its history and its sights. It is also a wonderful place for shopaholics. There are lots of______  places to go. DIFFER
For example, you can go to Oxford Street. Sometimes it gets too__________  and noisy, especially during the sales. CROWD
If you don’t like it, go to Covent Garden. There you can have a____  cup of tea or a cappuccino in a quiet coffee house. LOVE
You can also watch a street____________ . PERFORM
Portobello Road is the right place to go if you want to buy unique and___________ things. USUAL
Shopping in London is always an  _____________experience and it’s worth trying. EXCITE
Task 37
Piranhas are South American fish. There are lots of scary stories about them. Most people think that piranhas are very____________  creatures. DANGER
However, a___________  from St Andrews University, Anne Magurran, has recently announced that to call piranhas cruel killers is not fair. SCIENCE
They_________  eat fish, plants and insects. USUAL
According to Professor Anne Magurran, piranhas attack people and animals only when they want to defend themselves. However, most travelers strongly _____ with this point of view. AGREE
They recommend keeping away from the water where piranhas live. When the fish attack in groups, it is practically __________ to survive. POSSIBLE
Whatever your opinion of piranhas, this is a _________ piece of advice one should follow. USE
Task 38
Recently my neighbour Michael Wilkins got a job in sales.  However, soon he found out that being a sales______  did not make him happy. MANAGE
He had to work long hours, and the job was____________  and demanding. STRESS
The atmosphere in the office was very__________  and the workers often quarreled with each other. FRIENDLY
So Michael decided to look for a more ___________ job. ATTRACT
In the local newspaper, he saw an____________  from a pizzeria. It was close to his house and they needed a waiter. Michael decided to apply and didn’t regret it. ADVERTISE
“It’s good to feed people. I enjoy seeing them smile - it’s important, isn’t it?” Michael says.
Next week he’s going to take a cooking course. On completing it, he will be able to make ___________ pizzas himself! TASTE
Task 39
Jenny doesn’t have many friends, but she has lots of books. Jenny likes fantasy stories best. She has a rich _______ which takes her to magical lands. Jenny often feels like she is a part of the story. IMAGINE
She enjoys being in someone else's shoes, living in an_____  different world. ABSOLUTE
When reading, Jenny may turn into a princess or become a mountain ._____________ EXPLORE
She can see _________ creatures and amazing places with her own eyes. FANTASY
Books are ideal friends for Jenny. They are entertaining and helpful. They can give her some _____ advice when she needs it and keep quiet when she doesn’t want to communicate. PRACTICE
Books never _____ with her and they never argue. AGREE
Task 40
Father's Day in the UK is on the third Sunday in June. We enjoy this day very much and always arrange a _____ at home. CELEBRATE
Our dad deserves it – he is the most_____  person I’ve ever met. AMAZE
He works as a train_____  and he loves his job, though it takes time and energy. DRIVE
He cannot spend lots of time with us, but when he is at home, we have a _____ time all together. FANTASY
Dad is a very_____  person and often invents new games for us. CREATE
There are three children in our family and we always prepare a present for our dad together. Last time it was a large,_____  book about the history of trains. The book starts with the invention of the first train and tells the whole story of the railway up to the present day.
Task 41 COLOUR
Lots of companies do business online. They sell goods and services, or provide ______ to the general public. INFORM
Doing business online is less______  and more convenient than running a traditional business, with offices and lots of employees. EXPENSE
Surprisingly enough, there are lots of very young people among online businessmen. In spite of their age, they are quite______  and professional. SUCCESS
For example, Ben Collins started his own online company when he was _____young. He was only 17.   REAL
He says, “My business is _____ - we work with people from different countries. NATIONAL
In a real office, some people would_______  that someone of my age could be a boss, but when I work online, nobody cares how old I am.” AGREE
I like reading and watching films about animals and wildlife. I saw a TV series about polar bears recently. These_____ animals live in the northern Arctic. WONDER
It’s ,_____ BELIEVABLE
but they feel very _____ in freezing cold weather. COMFORT
A polar bear is a very good______  – it dives into the cold ocean water to hunt seals. HUNT
_____, global warming is very dangerous for polar bears. They may die out if the temperature rises too high. FORTUNATELY
Task 43
What is the largest animal on the planet? My uncle says that it’s the blue whale. He is a_____  and knows a lot about them. SCIENCE
The blue whale is an endangered animal, nowadays, people protect whales.______   , FORTUNATE
They study these______  animals instead of killing them. BEAUTY
Blue whales are not_____  to people. DANGER
It’s_______ but these huge whales eat plankton – small plants and animals. BELIEVABLE
Task 44
When I was a small child, we often went to the circus. I loved the___  clowns and the motorbike ride in the globe. FUN
The boy who did the riding seemed only a bit older than me. He performed the trick very______ . CAREFUL
I certainly thought that it was extremely______ , DANGER
anyway. I applauded the _____ loudly and dreamt about riding my own motorbike. BIKE
_______, my parents had a different opinion about getting a motorbike and refused to buy one for me. FORTUNATELY
My mum enjoys gardening and I like helping her. Mum says that my grandfather was a ______ FARM
and that he loved working with the earth.______, I didn’t know him as he died before I was born. FORTUNATELY
We grow ______flowers and fruit trees. BEAUTY
We have some_____ garden furniture – a  table WOOD
and four  chairs. The neighbours often come round, and we have______ outdoor tea parties. COMFORT
Task 46
Mum wants to buy a new sofa for the sitting room. So, yesterday, we went to the largest furniture store in the city. However, we didn’t buy anything because Mum couldn't make a______  about what she liked best. DECIDE
There were sofas in______  and modern styles, TRADITION
in ______ colours and patterns. DIFFER
The shop ______ spoke very patiently and showed us one model after another. ASSIST
At last Mum chose one of them, but,_______ , they didn’t have that model in her favourite colour. FORTUNATELY
I do sports_____._Life is impossible without motion and people can’t live if they are not active. I’ve been into sports since my childhood. REGULAR
When I was seven, a karate______ , who trained my elder brother, said that I should TEACH
exercise a lot to look sporty and______ . ATHLET
He was right – I was too fat and looked ______. HEALTHY
_______, my parents and I followed his advice and now I’m quite happy with the way I look and feel. FORTUNATE
Task 48
My parents want me to go to university but I’m not sure that I want to. When I was a small child, there were lots of______  toys in our house, but I preferred the cars. DIFFER
I dreamed of being a______ . DRIVE
To me, it’s the most ______ job in the world. INTEREST
My parents______  understand me USUAL
and I hope they approve of my______  to put off university and get a job. DECIDE
Task 49
Dolphins are______  animals. WONDER
They are clever and______ , and they don’t mind playing with people. FRIEND
My father is a______  and he has heard how dolphins speak their own language. SCIENCE
Dolphin ______ differs from ours, but scientists hope that soon we’ll be able to understand each other. COMMUNICATE
The dolphins are_______  studying us too! PROBABLE 
Task 50
Life on the planet would be ______ without water. POSSIBLE
Whatever your ______ drink is, you can’t make it without water. We need water for cooking, washing and producing goods. FAVOUR
uncle, who is a ______, says that he waters the vegetables, beans and other crops a lot in dry weather. FARM
_______, fresh water resources on the Earth are limited. FORTUNATELY
We should be _______ and not waste it. CARE
Task 51
It all started in 1865. A group of Frenchmen were having dinner in one of the most______  restaurants near Paris. FASHION
They talked about the democratic changes in the USA and wanted to support the American people. After a short______  they agreed on an original idea. DISCUSS
The idea was suggested by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, a sculptor and______ .  He said they could make a statue of a woman holding the torch of freedom. DESIGN
It was an ambitious project and it was _____ to complete it quickly. POSSIBLE
It actually took 21 years for this idea to become a reality. The French people raised money to build the statue, and,_______ , in 1886 it was ready. FINAL
On July 4, 1886 the United States received their______  gift - the Statue of Liberty! AMAZE

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