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Hollywood- the Factory of DreamsTeacher: Tatyana Dmitrievna Megeda.Dalnerechensk The Beginning of HollywoodLos - Angeles, California The first film studio in Hollywood was founded in 1911. Adolph Zucker paramount Karl Laemmle Universal Warner Brothers «Warner Brothers» Louise B. Mayor “Metro Goldwyn Mayer” Silent CinemaOne of the most popular producers of silent cinema was David York Griffith. He made 61 short films. He was one of the most promising American producers. Now his films are demonstrated rarely, but Griffith went down in cinema history as a genius producer. Griffith specialized in melodramas, he shot comedies, historical films, thrillers, westerns, films of Bible and different works of literature. Charles Spenser Chaplin In 1928 and 1972 he received special ''Oscar'' prizes . Golden Age of Hollywood Great Hollywood starsMarylyn MonroeAmong the Hollywood stars there is a very bright star - Marylyn Monroe .She was the brightest film star of the USA. She was born in 1926 in a poor family. Her real name was Norma Jean. When she was 16, she got married . In 1947 the film studio "20 Century Fox" gave her the name, which became a legend. Elizabeth Taylor The other famous star of Hollywood is Elizabeth Taylor. She is a very beautiful woman and a very talented actress.

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