Тест Spotlight-7, модуль 4

Test (Spotlight-7, Module 4)
I. Match the words.
1. interesting A reports
2. chat B strips
3. local C message
4. cartoon D advice
5. weather E horoscopes
6. text F shows
7. TV G articles
8. celebrity H news
9. daily I guide
10. beauty J gossip
II. Complete the sentences with the correct word (music, horoscopes, gossip, text messages, fashion)
1) The …… programme plays all the latest hits. 2) Kate likes to send ……. to her friends. 3) My sister buys a popular magazine to read …… about famous people. 4) Helen buys Sugar magazine for its …… advice.
5) …… try to tell you what will happen in the future.
III. Choose the correct item.
1) I was so sad/excited to hear about our holiday plans. 2) I was really worried/interested for the boy who was in the accident. 3) I was surprised/curious to see my friend on the front page of the newspaper.
4) Please, go on/off and continue your story. 5) That colour goes with/on your eyes. 6) The meat smells horrible. It has gone off/on.
IV. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Continuous.
1) What ………. (you/do) yesterday at 9 p.m? 2) I ………. (chat) in the Internet with my friends.
3) She ……….. (not/watch TV) when we came to visit her. 4) ………. (it/rain) all day yesterday?
5) ….. (your parents/watch) TV the whole evening yesterday? 6) …. (you/have) supper at nine o'clock yesterday?
V. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past simple or Past Continuous.
1) When my father ….. (come) home yesterday, my mother ….. ( make) supper. 2) When I …. (go) to the museum, I ….. (see) a big crowd of people in the street. 3) When I …. (wash) the floor, I …..(find) my old toy under the sofa. 4) What ….. (you/do) when I rang you up? 5) Children ….. (not/sleep) at nine o'clock yesterday. 6) Helen ….. (do) homework while her brother …. (play) computer games. 7) It …… (snow) the whole day yesterday. 8) Mark and Helen ………. (walk) in the park when they …… (hear) a horrible noise.
9) When mother ….. (come) home, the children ……( play) on the carpet. 10) The bear ….. (eat) the bread when Julie ….. (enter) the tent!
VI. Read the text and answer the questions.
Sun Shines On Fun Run
On 12th June, a ‘Fun Run’ took place in the town of Sunnyfield. A group of sixteen-year-old students from the local high school came up with the idea and over 500 people of all ages took part.
Luckily, it was a sunny day. Everyone had fun running, walking or skateboarding the 10-mile distance. Thanks to the event, £2,346 was raised for the charity ‘Cancer Care’.
Suzie Hamilton, one of the students who organized the run, said, “We wanted to do something useful for others and this seemed the most fun thing to do.”
The local headmaster was so proud, he decided to make the event part of the school’s year calendar.
Who planned the event?
How many people took part?
What was the weather like during the ‘run’?
How far did they have to go?
What happened as the result of the event?

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